The Core Group

Heartstrong Farm is blessed to have an outstanding CSA membership hosting a wide variety of interests and expertise, as well as lots of energy and enthusiasm to share! As such, the farm is guided by an advisory core group (the CG!) of voluntary members (interested members are invited to join!) who are especially interested in guiding the vision and future of the farm and lend their skills and knowledge towards these aims.

The CG meets for a farm supper on a regular schedule, during which we break bread and catch up, while also visioning and planning for programs, events and volunteer days, marketing efforts, business growth, CSA improvements and experiments, and thinking through ways to keep the farm growing for everyone well into the future.

Meet the CG

Barbara Wolfe


For almost fifteen years I’ve looked for a CSA in Asheboro, NC. My reasons started before there was a farmers market and were born from a desire to connect with something deeper than the products aisle. I grew up in GA and every summer brought lots of fresh produce, foods native to home. I suppose being so far from home I wanted the connect to that experience of summer.

With the more I learned about CSA, my interests became more about connecting to this new home, to its foods and roots. Eva’s CSA experience has given me all of that plus a connection to the growing seasons and the trials of farming, all of which she shares in her weekly CSA member emails.

Working in healthcare, the nutrition that comes from fresh produce can’t be overlooked. It’s hard to choose a favorite vegetable and part of the fun is seeing what is in each week’s harvest. The teas and flowers have been big surprises as the teas are so new (look no tea bag!) and the flowers…well they are just joy! My name is Barbara Wolfe and I’ve loved the joy of this CSA.

Blaise Freeman and Lydia Scheidler


Blaise and Lydia live in Silk Hope, NC. They met Eva at the Fearrington Farmers Market in 2017 and have been hooked on her vegetables and passion for farming ever since.

They aspire to turn their 11-acre homestead into a farm that serves the community through food events, yoga/meditation retreats and artist-in-residencies (just to name a few of the many ideas bounced around the table).

Lydia’s favorite vegetable is a Heartstrong Farm-grown delicata squash.

Blaise loves beets.

Charlotte Vetter


I moved to NC from my native Maryland forty years ago with my husband and son – not quite “back to the landers,” but definitely seeking and finding a small town way of life in Carthage. As an accountant I worked for a variety of businesses and not-for-profit organizations over the years, as well as running my own tax practice in Carthage until my retirement. I currently serve as the Chief Financial Officer for Abundance North Carolina.

Always interested in organic gardening and natural foods, I was on the first board of CFSA when it was formed in 1979, and remained interested and active in local foods. I was an early supporter of Sandhills Farm to Table when it formed in 2010, as well as having been part of several CSAs over the years.

After my move to Franklinville several years ago I began a search for a local CSA and discovered Heartstrong and Eva!

I’m so happy to be a part of helping this amazing young woman accomplish her dreams of a vibrant local CSA farm business.

Stephanie Lussier


I’m a recent transplant to NC and becoming a member of the CSA has helped me to feel right at home. I’ve spent time in NC, IA, CT, TN, and AZ, but still consider myself “from” Massachusetts. I spend most of my time behind a computer trying to use statistics to help children with asthma and allergic disease, but enjoy any opportunity to get out on the NC trails.

I met Eva during our undergraduate years at Sewanee, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow into the passionate, dedicated inspiring farmer that she has become.

I enjoy bragging about knowing the hands that have touched the vast majority of my food before it makes its way to my mouth thanks to the CSA, and am so thankful to be able to contribute as a core group member to help in any way to see the farm continue to flourish.

Favorite ground product: ONIONS! You can use them in EVERY dish 🙂