The Farm

Heartstrong Farm is a woman-owned-and-operated farm business on leased land of a 16-acre historical farmland property in Staley, North Carolina found through NC Farm Link.

Cherokee long ear popcorn growing alongside heirloom varieties of bush beans – July 2017.

We grow on a small scale with just over half an acre in cultivation and grow using non-GMO seed and regenerative practices, including cover cropping, crop rotations, minimal tillage, building soil through addition of organic matter, encouraging biodiversity, and use of certified organic inputs.

We are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown, providing a natural and wholesome source of food and flowers for our community.

We offer our produce, flowers, and herbs for sale through seasonal community supported agriculture (CSA) shares and at local farmers markets in Chatham and Randolph counties.

In the sunflowers and cosmos, June 2017.


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